Friday, October 18, 2013

{5 on Friday - Fitness Edition}

I thought I'd share some of my new favorite fitness/running finds on this week's 5 on Friday - 

1.)  I'm in love with the Map My Run app (you can download it HERE).  I know lots of runners use it so I might be a little late to the party, but it has definitely helped keep me motivated as I track my distances and improve my time.  

2.)  These workout pants from Old Navy are fantastic (especially for the price!)  
I bought mine of sale for $15, and they haven't stretched out at all, don't slide down while I'm running, and have a secure zipper pocket in the back where you can slip a key or cash.  They wash up great and are very comfortable.

3.)  Having an armband for my phone while running is an absolute must for me.  I had a Tuneband for my iPod a few years ago, but now that I am a sole iPhone user, I was thrilled that Tuneband made one for that also.  They are great quality, sturdy but flexible, and come in great colors.  If you're in the market for an armband, I would highly recommend Tuneband!  
4.)  I was perusing TJ Max a few weeks ago and stumbled across this little gem: a zippered wrist wallet.    I looked up the company online and found they have a dozen styles and some great colors!  Check them out!  It's perfect for stashing my keys or ID when I'm out for a run.

5.)  Also while I was at TJ Max, I bought some fabulous Under Armour running socks.  I couldn't find the exact ones online, but they're very similar to this:

Built in arch support and just enough cushioning without making them too think.  They're like pillows for my feet when I'm running.  

Have you found tools that help making your running-life a little easier?

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  1. I need some new workout clothes!
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  2. I Just started running again today. And it felt amazing! I need to look into this map my run app, seems like a lot of girls are using it. Happy to be a new follower! :)