Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{A Future Only He Can See}

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There is a man on the verge of losing his father.  Not because he has pushed him away or threatened to sever the relationship, but because his father is dying. Over the years, I heard many heated arguments between the two; the yelling and cussing the man did at his father was painful, to say the least.  Now I can't help but wonder at the regret that must be burdening his soul.  I know beyond doubt how much he loves his father....but now the clock is ticking….the months have turned to weeks... the days are winding down.  

His father knows where his destination lies.  But for the son?  To my knowledge, his soul is still searching for the answer to the most important question.  My heart is grieved and burdened for this person, a man that threatened to tear me down and push me to my breaking point.  Now I pray for him...that God will somehow use this for good in his life…that God will show him the way home…as he is getting ready to lose one of the greatest gifts he had here on earth.

So what about you, friend?  

Is there somebody in your life you need to make amends with before it's too late?

The hands of time are ticking for us all.


  1. I think there is always someone in our lives we could forgive a little more.

  2. I love that quote by Corrie Ten Boom.